English study tour

English Study Tour

Jump into the surroundings which is only English and learn English as a communication tool. Experience the culture, learn about it and widen the view. Rethink about life in foreign countries, myself and Japan.

Schedule to study tour

Briefing to those interested in participating and participant recruitment
Settle on participant
December to January
Prior training (Learn English conversation, manners and American culture)
Study tour on the spot (After returning to Japan, make a presentation to report the tour)

Study tour in USA

2/6 (Thu) Takayama Nishi High School → Chubu Centrair International Airport → L.A. Travel time and sightseeing in L.A.
2/7 (Fri) L.A. Study tour and Disneyland
2/8 (Sat) L.A. → San Antonio Travel time and meeting with host family
2/9 (Sun) to 2/17 (Mon) San Antonio (homestay) Staying with hot family in weekend.
Go to ISA, attend to the class and go to see the city sights with host brother or sister in weekday.
2/17 (Mon)
2/18 (Tue)
San Antonio → Houston → Narita International Airport → Chubu Centrair International Airport Return to Japan
Participating in English study tour in USA

2nd grade, Class J. Momoko Ogiso

There are two things that I felt through this English study tour. First, importance of working hard. I didn't understand the language and culture when I went to America. I was looking forward to go there, but there was also big anxiety so I was worried I could make it alone. I was in a passive position at first because I was embarrassed that I said something wrong and I couldn't communicate well. However I thought if I stayed like this, I couldn't grow up and get along with my host family and students at ISA, so I tried to talk to them. I was often said 'Pardon?' but they talked a lot if I talked to them and I could get more friends. When I tried to communicate, study and made a presentation, they cheered me up and worked together. So I could get along with my host family and students at ISA. I felt working hard on everything is really important under any circumstances.
The most important thing that I learned through this tour was how I lived my life with favorable situation. I went to school then I studied and joined the club activity, and when I went home, dinner was ready. I thought these things were normal and I just did them, but in America, I realized they were all given to me. I realized there were teachers who guide nicely and strictly for me, my parents and family who watch warmly and my mates who work together. I felt I was really happy. I learned good points of Japan and Takayama Nishi Senior High School which I didn't know when I was in Japan. On the contrary, there were good points of America which I noticed when I came back to Japan.
It is difficult to appreciate to people around me. We are tend to forget to appreciate because we think they are natural. However, they are not. They made me what I am now. I will live my life being always grateful to people around me and I want to keep a good relationship with my friends in America.

Study tour in Singapore

2/6 (Thu) Takayama Nishi Senior High School → Chubu Centrair International Airport → Singapore Travel time
2/7 (Fri) Singapore (homestay) Exchange with university students
2/8 (Sat) Singapore (homestay) Universal Studios Singapore
2/9 (Sun) Singapore (homestay) Staying with host family
2/10 to 13 Singapore (stay at hostel) Divide into four groups and visit four preparatory schools
2/13 (Thu) Singapore → Narita International Airport → Chubu Centrair International Airport Return to Japan
Through study tour in Singapore

2nd grade, Class G, Moe Nomura

Through study tour in Singapore for nine days, I was stimulated experiencing various languages and cultures. When I arrived at Singapore, I was surprised to see the development of transport facilities and energy of city. I had an image that Singapore was hot place and I didn't know much about Singapore. So I was excited to see the scene and I wanted to learn more about this country.
Homestay was three day two night. It was for a short time and stayed there in pairs. I challenged to speak English a lot not to depend on the other. When we had to go to the meeting-place from my homestay house by ourselves, we used buses and trains and got there 30 minutes late. At night we went back to homestay house and we talked about Japanese culture and our school life. Then host family talked about Singapore a lot. It was difficult to speak in English, but I was happy that I could communicate in English. We joined a program which was held in senior high school on the spot. We were nervous because Japanese were just the two of us, but students talked to us actively. It was difficult to listen to Singaporean English because it had dialects and strong accents, and they spoke so fast, but we challenged to try to hear over and over again. I was very happy when I found the common subject and starting conversations with them. My buddy spoke Japanese fluently. She was only seventeen and good at Japanese and English. I was stimulated by her as a senior high school student.
After the program, we went to see China town, Little India and other places. We ate various foods there. The town gave me a glimpse of multicultural societies in Singapore.