Features of Advanced Ⅱ Class

Features of Advanced II Class

This class aims to pass university acting as a central member of the club activity!

Being good at study and sports develops your ability and self-confidence

Supplementary lessons begins with retirement from club activity and it accelerates your study for university entrance examination!

When you become a senior and retire from club activity, 90-minuites supplementary lessons will start.
Joining supplementary lessons held on after school, Saturday and during long vacation, you can preserve hours to acquire knowledge needed for university entrance examination.
From basic contents to developing contents, we teach you carefully, and for those who don't go to cram school, our supplementary lessons respond to those who want to improve their best subjects or overcome their weak subjects.

Personalized tutorial leads you to passing university in the shortest route!

Teachers of career guidance experience play a central part and tutor students.
To acquire the ability to win the passing university with limited time, efficient steps are needed. So we arranged a system that each student can ask teachers about their goals. When they become senior, we guide them carefully and lead them to passing university entrance examination in the shortest through advices for their career, interview, essay and how to study.

SATELINE class raises awareness and develops academic ability as a prospective students!

We adopted top SATELINE lectures in Japan by famous lecturers of Yoyogi Seminar and students take those lessons when they become senior.
This SATELINE class (satellite class) is specialized as a practical class, so students can study well with limited time and taking this class raise their awareness as a prospective students.
We also have a projector in each class. We lend portable DVD player to students so that they can take classes at any time.

Measures for various licensing examinations and civil service examination support you to realize your dream!

We guide students who want to take out The EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency, The Mathematics Certification, The Japan Kanji Aptitude Test and other various licensing examinations. We also lead students who want to become a government employee.
We guide students carefully how to write an essay. We have interview practice for students as well as taking measures for a written examination. Especially civil service examination is getting difficult year by year, but graduates passed it because they improve their ability through this curriculum.
Traditional and results which are built by graduates lead you to realize your dream.

Main universities students passed

National and public universities
  • Hokkaido University, Yamagata University, University of Tsukuba, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Yokohama National University, University of Yamanashi,
  • Shinshu University, Niigata University, Joetsu University of Education, University of Toyama, Kanazawa University, Gifu University,
  • Aichi University of Education, Aichi Prefectural University, Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Shiga University,
  • Kyoto University, Kyoto University of Education, Osaka Kyoiku University, Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, National Defense Academy of Japan, etc.
  • National Tax College, Gifu Police, State employee, Metropolitan Police Department, Tokyo Fire Department,
  • JA Hida Koseiren School of Nursing, Gero School of Nursing, etc.
Private universities
  • Waseda University, Tokyo University of Science, Meiji University, Aoyama Gakuin University, Chuo University, Hosei University,
  • Komazawa University, Kitasato University, Seikei University, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Tsuda College, Nippon Sport Science University,
  • Kokugakuin University, Aichi Gakuin University, Japanese Red Cross Toyota College of Nursing, Nihon Fukushi University,
  • Fujita Health University, Gifu Shotoku Gakuen University, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, Kansai Gaidai University,
  • Kansai University, Ritsumeikan University, Ryukoku University, Kyoto Women's University, Kindai University, etc.

Interview from students and graduates

Interview from graduates

"Dream of study, dream of club activity and days in Takayama Nishi Senior High School"

Class of 2013, Satsuki Masai

Faculty of Education, Gifu University (from Matsukura Junior High School)

Satsuki Masai

"I will become a teacher." This is my dream that I wanted to be since I was a schoolboy. A person is there for each student and guide them carefully. I met such a teacher and I began to long for the job. I want to be open with students in Takayama city where I was born and raised and I want to grow up together with them. I also wanted to get the national title in Handball. To realize these dream, I decided to go to Advanced Ⅱ Class in Takayama Nishi Senior High School.
Chasing my dream keeping a good balance between study and club activity was fun but also tough. I became discouraged not once nor twice but I had my mates who encourage each other and boost each other up. I had my family who support me and warmly watch over my challenge. I met reliable teachers who gave advices about study and other things. Thanks to all people who supported me, I passed faculty of education at Gifu University exerting all of my available effort.
I'm on the new stage as a university student from this spring and I believe my experiences in Takayama Nishi Senior High School helps me realize my dream. 3 years in Takayama Nishi Senior High School told me that it was fun and fulfilling to make efforts for my dream and it's an asset in my life. Thank you so much for supporting me.

Interview from graduates

"Appropriate support for students who do their best seriously"

Class of 2014. Yusuke Taniguchi

from Higasiyama Junior High School

Yusuke Taniguchi

I belong to the track and field club and I'm good at studying and sports. I'm doing my best on both study and sports to participate in the national tournament and pass university entrance examination. It is fulfilling every day.
Keeping a good balance between study and sports is thought to be difficult, but you don't have to worry about it. There are many mates who are doing their best on their dream in Takayama Nishi Senior High School. My mates understand the difficulty and worthy of keeping balance between study and sports, they helps me doing my best on my dream and I learned the pleasure of making efforts.
Teachers in Takayama Nishi Senior High School support students who make efforts seriously. They give us understandable and enjoyable lessons and enhance our motivation of studying. They give advices about our school life and career. They help us grow as one person through technical training and manners. They encouraged me very much.
I thank my family giving a chance to do my best with this environment. In Takayama Nishi Senior High School, you will grow up as far as you can. I really feel it was a good choice that I chose Takayama Nishi Senior High School. I believe realizing my dream is to repay my parents who watch over me and supportive people. I run through the rest of my school life for participating in the national tournament and passing university.

Interview from students

"Making efforts create myself"

1st grade, Class J. Hutaba Masutani

(from Hie Junior High School) belonging to the badminton club


I'm doing my best on both study and club activity in Advanced Ⅱ Class. Course contents get deeper than what I learned in junior high school and it becomes difficult. There are lots of things to remember and the volume of homework makes me tough, but making efforts every day increases my knowledge and I'm happy when I understand difficult question. In club activity, I have to run a lot every day and it's very hard. Building my physical strength is very hard and tough, but to care about trivial things increases things what I can do and I'm happy becoming able to win a person that I couldn't before. I spent 5 months here and I realized making efforts every day is also very important in study. Making efforts every day is difficult, but I think giving my best efforts will yield results, so I'll do my best from now on.

Interview from students

"Every day I realize my growth"

1st grade, Class J. Iori Shimoda

(from Miya Junior High School) belonging to the business informatics club


5 months have passed since I entered Takayama Nishi Senior High School. I'm doing my best for keeping a good balance between study and club activity in Advanced Ⅱ Class. I belong to the business informatics club. The activity is very tough like sport club, but it's fulfilling and I enjoy my growth. Recently, I try to do not only typing but also drawing a map for a licensing examination. My senior won the second prize in the national tournament in this summer and I was very moved. I'm making efforts to win the first prize in the national tournament standing on the same place. Keeping a balance between study and club activity is very hard, but I think I can do my best on study because I'm doing my best on club activity. I will do my best on my dream with my mates supporting each other.

Interview from students

"Toward keeping a good balance between study and club activity"

1st grade, Class I. Yoya Mizuhashi

(from Asahi Junior High School) belonging to the baseball club


Almost half a year has been passed since I entered this school. I've been keeping a good balance between study and club activity. The volume of every day study and the hardness in the club activity were very uneasy. I couldn't imagine myself what I am now when I was a junior high school student. I can keep doing my best because of my efforts I made in my hard time, and because my mates also doing their best under the same condition or more difficult condition. My club changed from rubber-ball baseball club to baseball club and the amount of training has been increased, but I will do my best on both study and club activity with my mates.

Interview from students

"Walking the path of our dream together"

1st grade, Class H. Ayaka Kamakura

(from Higashiyama Junior High School) belonging to the table tennis club


I'm keeping a good balance between study and club activity. It is very hard to manage both with busy school life, I'm doing my best having supports from my mates and teachers. In club activity, practice is very tough and it is not easy to make the last four in prefectural tournament and participate in Tokai tournament, but I can do my best because adviser and my mates support me when I'm having a hard time. It also difficult to study while I'm doing my best on club activity but I'm making efforts every day to realize my dream. Keeping a balance between study and club activity is very hard but fulfilling. I'm doing my best for my goal from now on.