Features of Advanced Ⅰ Class

Features of Advanced Ⅰ Class

This class aims to pass national and public universities, medical, dental and pharmacological universities and highly-selective private universities.

Challenging for your dream starts with entrance.

Supplementary lessons linked to class awaken your potential!

You can enrich your understanding and educate your academic ability with the 90 minuets-supplementary lesson that are held after schools and on Saturday.
If you want to pass university entrance examination, you have to preserve enough time to study. So we hold supplementary lessons after school, on Saturday and also we hold study camp during long vacation. From basic contents to developing contents, we teach you carefully, and for those who don't go to cram school, our supplementary lessons respond to those who want to improve their best subjects or overcome their weak subjects.

Know the all of Japan's level through the SATELINE class by famous lecturer!

We adopted top SATELINE lectures in Japan by famous lecturers of Yoyogi Seminar.
To win the competition with rivals, you should know the all of Japan's level. This SATELINE class (satellite class) is specialized as a practical class, so students can have exposure to know the all of Japan's level when they are 1st grade students..
We also have a projector in each class. We lend portable DVD player to students so that they can take classes at any time.

Strengthen bonds with your mates through the study camp and supplementary lessons during long vacation!

Such as study camp at National Norikura Youth Friendship Center and supplementary lessons at Takayama Nishi Senior High School, we arranged the environment so that students can focus on their study even during long vacation.
Especially at study camp, spending days with your mates strengthen bonds with each other. To pass the university entrance examination is severe so you may be discouraged, but seeing your mates earnestly working hard ignite a passion for study.
Bonds toughen you up, let's experience it.

Extracurricular schedule like English debate and English study tour arouse your curiosity!

English study tour at sister school in Texas, English Speech Contest, All Japan High School English Debate Tournament, The EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency, The Mathematics Certification, The Japan Kanji Aptitude Test, volunteer activities, recreations and BBQ, we held various events according to interests and concerns of students.
Students also join the career guidance when they are 1st grade students. They can take trial lessons at university and it stimulates students' intellectual curiosity. So they can imagine themselves studying at university.



Can you guess what above figure tells you?

Last year, there were about 1500 senior students in Hida district. Among them, passers of national and public universities were around 200.

This means about one in ten of senior students in Hida district can pass national and public universities. The above figure tells you that.

One out of ten. If 40 pupils per class, four people can. In probability, only such number of people enter national and public universities.

Why is this happening?

The point is a lack of their study hours and this is the fact in university entrance examination.

Elementary and junior high school pupils in the district achieving satisfactory results for university entrance go to cram school from early. In combined junior and senior high school, they prepare for the university entrance examination over six years. Rivals throughout Japan starts its approach toward the examination from early.

We have this data.

-The number of pupils who gained more than 400 points in the 3rd Gifu Newspaper's Test in a certain year.-

Gifu district [More than 800 persons]
Hida district [More than 30 persons]

You should know there is a great difference even inside Gifu prefecture. So it's necessary to cover a shortage of study hours when you think what is needed for realizing your dream. Our students' scholastic abilities improve dramatically more than we expected and this miracle happens every year.

Why is this happening?

It is because we have prepared the environment to cover a shortage of study hours, the 'environment to be able to make progresses' has been arranged. It is because there are your mates who earnestly work and do their best on their dreams. It is because there are teachers who support you with all their might.

The 'environment to be able to make progresses' and the 'ties' between students and teachers build a strong individual, and the strong individual builds a tradition of Takayama Nishi Senior High School. You too have the potential energy that can change your future.

Main universities students passed

National and public universities
  • University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Hokkaido University, Tohoku University, Nagoya University, Osaka University, Kyusyu University,
  • Akita International University, University of Tsukuba, Ochanomizu University, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies,
  • Tokyo Gakugei University, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Hitotsubashi University,
  • Yokohama National University, Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, Aichi University of Education, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Gifu University,
  • Gifu College of Nursing, Gifu Pharmaceutical University, Kanazawa University, Osaka University of Foreign Studies, Kobe University,
  • National Defense Academy of Japan, etc.
Private Universities
  • Waseda University, Keio University, Sophia University, Tokyo University of Science, Meiji University, Aoyama Gakuin University,
  • Rikkyo University, Chuo University, Hosei University, Gakushuin University, International Christian University,
  • Tokyo Women's Medical University, Aichi Medical University, Nanzan University, Fujita Health University, Kwansei Gakuin University,
  • Kansai University, Doshisha University, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto Pharmaceutical University, etc.

Interview from students and graduates

Interview from graduates

"Every day I realize my growth with my mates in Advanced Ⅰ Class"

Class of 2014. Kosuke Arai

from Asahi Junior High School


I put my heart into study with my mates who have high ambitious in this Advanced Ⅰ Class.
It is not easy to spend days in this class. I remember I was very busy with preparation and review associated with supplementary lessons when I entered this school. I felt uneasy about the difference between junior high school days and senior high school days, but then my mates inspired me. Besides being my friends, they are my rivals. I was encouraged by their attitudes many times. Sometimes we teach each other, and sometimes we compete with each other. That made us tied and we grew up together.
Our teachers are also very supportive with careful guidance and accurate advices. They told me the point I failed. They not only told me how to study but also analyze my result of test and pointing them out that I didn't notice. I feel reassured when they are around because they face up to our motivation.
I have such productive days with the environment that I can go for my dream and realize my growth. I'm sure to make my dream come true in here for my family and teachers who warmly watch over my challenge and for my mates who try to do their best together.

Interview from graduates

"With passionate teachers and my mates who can boost each other up"

Class of 2013, Yuki Araie

Human Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto University (from Kiyomi Junior High School)


One of the greatest characteristic in Takayama Nishi Senior High School is that there are passionate teachers. They guide us empathically and give us advices about school life and how to study. Teachers in Advanced Ⅰ Class have taught graduates who passed highly-selective universities including University of Tokyo, Kyoto University and faculty of medicine, so we can receive accurate guidance in each subject.
Another great characteristic is students who got best grades in Hide district and have big dreams have been gathered in this school. Spending school life with those mates, you can received a lot of stimulation such as the efficient way of studying and being concerned about other people. We spend much time together not only in class but also in supplementary lessons and study camp, so our bonds strengthen and we can get mad at school events.
You are getting close to realize your dream if you do your best on your dream in Takayama Nishi Senior High School. I didn't have enough capability to try Kyoto University when I entered this school, but many years of assiduous effort under the great environment of Advanced Ⅰ Class, I passed Kyoto University directly on graduation.
There are pretty tough times when you are doing your best on your dream. Dream doesn't come true easily so that you can grow up more. I keep chasing my dreams keeping what I learned in Takayama Nishi Senior High School in my heart.

Interview from students

"Meeting with mates who work hard together"

1st grade, Class G. Iroha Mizusakio

from Nyukawa Junior High School


School life in Takayama Nishi Senior High School is very busy. It is because the volume of homework cannot be compared with those of junior high school and there are lots of information in one lesson.
I spend my time on studying more than ever in 16 years of my life. Thanks to Class G, I can make it even when I'm busy.
Working together with mates who are high level and competing with each other make individual power improved, and we can grow as a class. In fact, after a midterm examination, I chose M, who stands higher than me, as my rival.
Now I'm doing my best to get better results than M in a term-end examination. I'm having a fulfilling day every day in Takayama Nishi Senior High School. Attending school is pleasant for me!!

Interview from students

"Joy of doing my best seriously"

1st grade, Class G. Ryotaro Kato

from Nakayama Junior High School


I was not used to senior high school life and I felt oppressed by everyday homework, but around 2 months passed, I have got used to life in Takayama Nishi Senior High School. However, it is hard to live being chained to the word 'study' but the hardness makes the life in Takayama Nishi Senior High School fulfilling. My mates' awareness to study is very high and it helps me every day.
Especially in lessens, our teachers give guidance to us studiously and my mates listen to it carefully, that stimulates me a lot. We have 9 lessons every day and it is very hard but I won't forget that I chose Takayama Nishi Senior High School to study and I will do my best anyhow to go farther from now on.

Interview from students

"New world through English debate"

1st grade, Class G. Daiki Ando

from Hie Junior High School


5 months have passed since I entered this school. I entered Advanced Ⅰ Class and I have studied. Especially I have given high priority to English.
Do you know about English debate? Takayama Nishi Senior High School is famous for participating in the national tournament of English debate.
I'm doing my best as a member of this debate team. English is only spoken in this debate, sometimes I can't express well what I want to say in English and I have a frustrating thought each time. However, such experience make me enable to put Japanese into English.
It's only just begun, but I will do my best that my team can participate in the national tournament.

Interview from students

"Pleasure of getting over the hurdles"

1st grade, Class G. Kanoko Uda

from Matsukura Junior High School


I concentrate on study every day in Advanced Ⅰ Class. We had a study camp at National Norikura Youth Friendship Center during summer vacation. I thought "Study camp, what a hassle!" at first. However, in actually, it was tough but very fulfilling. I studied by myself getting up earlier than chime in morning and went to bed later than other group in evening. I was waterlogged with study every day. However, spending those time with my mates supporting each other, our relationship got deeper. Studying from morning till night made me think "I can't stand it anymore!!", but I felt my ability had been improved as much as I studied. People in Advanced Ⅰ Class take more mock examinations than other classes, so you can test out your ability and it's very attractive.