Features of Basic Class

Features of Basic Class

This class aims to find a job and pass junior college and vocational college acting as a central member of the club activity!

You cultivate quality as an adult in this high school life

Various licensing examinations and measures for employment exam support you to realize your dream!

We support students who get licensed such as Examination in Technical Ability of Data Processing, Brush Examinations, The EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency, The Mathematics Certification, The Japan Kanji Aptitude Test and other various licensing.
We guide students who wants to find work. We have measures for employment exam and interview and we teach them how to write an essay. Especially employment exam is getting difficult in recent years but graduates found jobs by their academic ability through our lessons and their humanity cultivated in this school life.

Acquire skills and manners needed in modern society through lessons of data processing and tea ceremony!

Our school has a lesson of data processing to let students acquire skills needed in information society. Several tens of computers are erected in media room, data processing room and audiovisual room, so students can use them when they search on the internet.
We get a favorable reception about tea ceremony class like "It makes my heart stand still," "I can form good manners." Taking a look at yourself again on a tatami mat refines your mind.

Interview practice assumed the real employment exam improve your communication skills!

We have interview practice by teachers and HR representatives of local companies. Having guidance from HR representatives encourages to pass the employment exam. In fact, many graduates passed it.
Interview practice also improve your communication skills. Thinking about The volume of voice, tone, expressions, gestures and what you say, you can acquire community skills even if you are not good at speaking.

Internship gives you a big hint for your career!

You have a company tour when you are 1st grade students. You work as an intern during summer vacation when you are second grade students. You have a company tour again where you want to work when you are 3rd grade students. Through the internship, you can know your proper job. Learning the joy and meaning to work, your attitude to work and your view of life will become deeper. You gain the experiences and they become the conclusive career-path selections, so you can choose your career satisfactory.



The above figure is young (age 15~24) unemployment rate in last year. Unemployment rate is the highest in 'age 15~24' both genders as seen from age group. About one in fourteen of the young can't have a job.

Last year's ratio of job openings to job seekers in Gifu is about 1.1 times. The ratio of job openings to job seekers means the number of jobs available in each Job Hunter. In comparison with a few years ago, the situation is getting improved, but still we don't know how it will turn out from now on. Non-permanent workers grew to 930 thousand people from last year and it accounts for 37% of employed person. Non-permanent workers increases 4 years in a row, the fact remains that times are hard. This is the cruel reality for the young who wants to have a job.

'Will I ever find a job after 3 years'? It is natural for you to feel anxious.

So what can we do to relieve our concern?

A HR representative says "What we hope for high school students is not to be technical. We expect the humanity from them."

What kind of humanity does a company need?

Those are 'cooperativeness' that you can work together with your mates to get things done, 'sense of responsibility' to produce a result by the deadline with high-quality work and 'patience' to make an ongoing effort tenaciously for achievement of your goal against the odds.

Some representative say like this: "We want to hire graduates of Takayama Nishi Senior High School who are considerate and greet us." "We want to hire graduates of Takayama Nishi Senior High School who make efforts earnestly." "We want to hire graduates of Takayama Nishi Senior High School because they are keeping on working."

School life being good at studies and sports in Basic Class of Takayama Nishi Senior

High School. Through the school life, you can improve those humanity - cooperativeness, sense of responsibility and patience.

This Basic Class has a system to support you realizing your dream. The environment has arranged, so this class let your potential blooms like flower blooms beautifully. You have the ability to make it through this precarious modern society.

Employment opportunities

Employment opportunities
  • Family Store Satou, HIDA HOTEL PLAZA, TOKAN TAKAYAMA CO., LTD., Alps Pharmaceutical Ind. Co., Ltd.,
  • UTSUE SEIKI CO., LTD., Hida Unyu, Honjin HIRANOYA, SHINKO-MOTOR CO.,LTD., Takayama Beikoku Cooperative Association, KASHIWA,
  • Japan Post Tokai Branch, Hida Sokuki, Takayama Green Hotel, Fukujuan,
  • Teva Pharma Japan Inc., Surugaya Uoichi, Hida Credit Union, Hida Agricultural Cooperative, Shimizuya, Alice,
  • Nippon Resibon, Hida Forestry Cooperative, ANBITION Hida, Maruaki, ACS, Sagawa Express Co., Ltd.,
  • Seiryu, Nagoya Railroad Co., Ltd., Central Japan Railway Company, Sapporo KANI-HONKE, MINOKICHI, NIHON TAISANBIN GLASS BOTTLE MFG. CO., LTD.,
  • Gifu Police, Osaka Police, Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force,
  • Takayama City Hall, Hida City Hall, etc.

Interview from students and graduates

Interview from graduates

"My thanks to people who supported me"

Class of 2013, Ayana Wada

Alice Corporation (from Matsukura Junior High School)


For three years of my school life, I belonged to the business informatics club and placed emphasis on computer-related acquisition of qualifications. When I was a senior, I was commended for acquiring Grade 1 and over on eight kinds of tests of Japan Information Processing Testing Association. Tanks to my mates and teachers, I got a job doing Administrative Assistant recently.
Teachers in Takayama Nishi Senior High School guide us passionately and carefully in club activity and lessons. We feel the passion and we come to do our best. The atmosphere gets better and we are able to establish relationships that boost each other up. This is the greatest point of Takayama Nishi Senior High School.
I realize that I have been supported by many people. I believe that making efforts having thanks to people around me produces a great result. I have been supported by many people, so I want to be a person to support others and reply obligations to local people.
Each student makes efforts to realize their dream, and teachers support them. It's the aspect of Takayama Nishi Senior High School. I will do my best for those who supported me!

Interview from graduates

"Fulfilling school life to realize my dream"

Class of 2014. Ruka Yamakoshi

from Higasiyama Junior High School


I'm doing my best on badminton which I have been playing since I was in elementary school to participate in the national tournament. Our badminton club sticks to 'speak loud,' 'make a reply definitely' and 'act quickly.' Practice with my mates has a good atmosphere and I feel I can have good practice times. Pursuing my dream with my mates and passionate teacher is really fulfilling!
To achieve my career goal, I give high priority to study. There are some who want to go to vocational college or junior college in Basic Class, but I want to find a job, so I put effort into study while paying attention to manners and greetings in ordinary school life. Teachers in Takayama Nishi Senior High School teach us studiously until we understand, so I realize the fun to learn.
I'm proud that I entered Takayama Nishi Senior High School and lead a school life doing my best on everything. With the pride, I'm doing my best on what I can do now for the last tournament and my future job. My school life is not easy, but I'm sure I can live a fulfilling life.

Interview from students

"We bonded through school events"

1st grade, Class B. Marina Hoki

(from Higashiyama Junior High School) belonging to the tea ceremony and flower arrangement club

Marina Hoki

5 months have passed since I entered this school and I worked hard in school festival called Nishi Ko Sai and sports day. At Nishi Ko Sai, we engaged in it but we had a trouble because it's the first-time Nishi Ko Sai for us. However, we united and we could create the best thing. On sports day, each group could unite and go for their aim, overcoming the barrier of gender and grade. There were some who feel happy and some who feel unpleasant in the end. However, we could praise our efforts and finished the day feeling refreshed. Through these events we have a lot to gain. I'm doing my best and growing in these 5 months.

Interview from students

"Every day I'm making efforts with ambitious"

1st grade, Class B. Hiromi Yamashita

(from Nakayama Junior High School) belonging to girls basketball club

Hiromi Yamashita

5 months have passed since I entered this school. During the 5 months, there were many events like sports day and Nishi Ko Sai. Each event was lively and they were by far the best events I've ever had. Through the preparatory period, I could had fulfilling time with my class mates and I realized how amazing school life is.
In club activity, through the game and Inter-highschool championships qualifier I felt the level of senior high school's basketball. In the game and practice, sometimes my play doesn't work, but I will do my best to improve my performance with seniors and mates in every day practice.

Interview from students

"My thanks to my mates"

1st grade, Class B. Tsubasa Hayase

(from Hie Junior High School) belonging to the handball club


Takayama Nishi Senior High School has a lot of graduates who realized their dreams. My dream is to participate in the Inter-highschool championships. I entered this school to realize my dream. 5 months have passed since I entered this school and there were lots of hard things. Sometimes I want to run away from them but now I'm doing my best thinking of my mates who are having difficult times. These 5 months make me think that having mates is really important. They support and help me and they make me feel better. I think that mates are precious. There are not only hard things but also fun things in Takayama Nishi Senior High School. I want to do my best more to have more fun times!

Interview from students

"Sports Day at Takayama Nishi Senior High School"

1st grade, Class A. Risa Matsuki

(from Syokawa Junior High School) belonging to art club


Speaking of fall, it's the season for sports day!! So I will wrote about sports day. Practice for sports day was very hard, but we bonded together and it's a great memory. Sports day at junior high school was unable to have a cheering section, but sports day at Takayama Nishi Senior High School had powerful cheering sections, mascots and dances so I was very moved. It was very hard but we united for senior. For this event, we united and worked together regardless of the grade. Mascots are very cool!! Why don't you come to Takayama Nishi Senior High School and play the mascots? Let's join our sports day doing in cooperation with students in other grade.